Creative Space in Blast Mitigation

Because people and beauty matter...

Conventional blast mitigation solutions tend to restrict creativity by limiting glass panel sizes or requiring heavy mountings, which may give a fortress-like feel.

Contrary to conventional blast mitigations solutions, AJA solutions enable iconic, timeless and durable designs. Our technology and fabrication expertise blast mitigates:

  1. large glass panels (eg. exceeding 5000mm height x 2400mm width in a single pane)
  2. lighted and free form glass facades
  3. futuristic glazing where glass panels serve architectural and aesthetic functions.

World Class 5 Layer System Protection

Retrofits to New Builds
From retrofits to new builds, AJA offers a wide spectrum of choices for blast mitigation solutions in urban spaces.

AJA products function as an optimised system - encompassing the glass, frame, anchoring  and structure of a building. Delivering leading overall performance of system and components.

Window Secure Solutions
A basic level of protection. A high performance security film is applied onto inner window surfaces, leaving a small gap between the film and frame to allow for heat expansion. The film prevents glass fragmentation and debris. Window Secure is suitable for retrofit jobs.

Anchoring System

  • Wetglaze
    – combines our sealant technology with security film to anchor the film to the window frame. It offers enhanced blast mitigation to prevent fragmentation of the window glass. Applicable to retrofits and new builds.
  • Mech Tech
    – is our customised solution that anchors the security film with battens that remain attached to the window frame, even after absorption of pressure pulse energy. This provides a higher degree of protection from deadly debris.

These solutions are created to withstand up to 400 psi of blast pressure.

Rigid Solutions
These solutions aim to create building façades that are highly resilient and unyielding against bomb blasts. During an explosion, blast energy is absorbed, and then redirected towards the ground.

Enerzorb (EAM) Patented Dynamic Solutions
The proprietary patented Enerzorb EAM (Energy-Absorbing Mullion system) uses a dynamic blast mitigation system to absorb, diffuse and transfer blast energy away from the impact area. The film treated glass and sealant-filled space between laminated glass panels prevents debris and injuries.

Enerzorb extends the performance bracket for new builds:

  • Blast mitigation for entire curtain walls and facades (beyond heights of 5000mm)
  • Eliminates need for external film (more weather resistant)
  • Takes higher blast forces (up to 400 psi)
  • Greater façade integrity
  • Able to protect larger glass panels (eg. exceeding 5000mm x 2400mm in a single pane)

Dynamic Energy Absorption Blast Doors
ENERZORB design and engineering deliver lighter doors with heavy weight performance! Our blast doors use dynamic elastic-plastic designs and materials, to absorb and transfer impact to reinforced door, frames and anchors. Controlled deformation of the door enables it to continue functioning after a blast. ENERZORB doors safely shield people, while the system works to prevent dangerous door rebound during a blast. The door remains operable, allowing for safe escape of occupants.

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